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12 Laws of Maat

Hetepu siblings who are aware of Kemetically, thank you for sharing your knowledge. meruexa and those who agree with your point of view. I mean, YOUR point of view with its little nuances is false and disrespectful, as are many of you who would prefer to discredit the first peoples of Africa. It is obvious that you do not know the facts about Akubulan (Kemet), the land of the Blacks, nor would you know that the first human being created in Kemet in our history as (those Africans who know our ancestry) knows PTH. PTAH was and is a black man, the first man created by Ra, an aspect of Atum, our Creator, and therefore the descendants of men were the Black Asur and his brothers and sisters. I would be remiss if I did not pay tribute to all our ancestors who paved the way for our understanding of our black history. Dr. Cheik Anta Diop. Dr. Yosef BenYochannan.

Dr. John Henrik Clarke, to name a few, and Imohotep and Manethoes. Our historical beginnings are written on the walls (hieroglyphics) literally you have to be a fool not to see our beautiful many shades of black skin and features, so we are there in the paintings spoken in the writings on the walls, but oh let`s not forget the European historians of yesteryear after coming out of the caves and ice-covered hills of Europe Count Volney Wallis Budge. Homer read about us the history of our black ancestors and the spiritual moral life in these European accounts. COMPANION. It wasn`t until the fake white Europeans came to Kemet Lands of Blacks to look for food because of their famine in the cold that it was the cursed end of our Heritage Living MAAT. So you can`t live MAAT. unless you pay homage to the principles of Ra MAAT.says We are not supposed to disrespect God/Goddess. So don`t mix your Jive BS into divine moral laws by saying you live MAAT because you don`t. And you don`t recognize the God/Goddess aspect of Ra, who created everything. YOU LOSE MAAT. As for the person who said that blacks kill each other, they only do so because the younger generation has no knowledge of themselves.

You see, when your people enslaved us, they brought us to America, which deprived us of the MAAT. And we enslaved ourselves, we began to adopt the social qualities of your ancestors, our ancestors, slave owners, that we began these behaviors that a whole series of new evils soon to the Kemet Africans had no violence inside, until the Europeans came and helped to break the law of Ra of the MAAT. Hetepu Black Brothers and Sisters continues to spread our historical knowledge, it will spread and we, the black descendants of Kemet Land of Blacks, will rise to rule again through the MAAT. Pharaohs are often depicted with the emblems of Maat to emphasize their role in upholding laws and justice. [7] Beginning with the eighteenth dynasty (1550–1295 BC), Maat was described as Ra`s daughter, suggesting that the pharaohs ruled by their authority. [6] The ancient so-called Egyptians, who understood everything that needed to be understood correctly, were blacks, but today blacks are considered nothing. Today`s blacks don`t even know that they were brainwashed to forget their history, and their appreciation is given to another who now knew nothing that exactly violated these maat laws, and you say you`re making me sick. Give credit to the one who deserves it, otherwise you are not only, you are a theif not good, very bad, bad for a good and balanced society. That blacks get their recognition and stop this nonsense for blacks, deserves all the respect for it.

Well, peace and respect for Mother Creator It is based on truth, so the emphasis is on telling the TRUTH in testimony, not necessarily on whether they obeyed 100% of the laws. The weighing of his heart against the pen was based on his ability to tell the TRUTH about Maat`s observations of his transgressions. Through their eyes, they were weighed with the power of their words as anchors. (Words vs. Deeds). Many of these laws, which were violated, led to the decline of their civilization. However, they were much more technologically advanced than we were. They had to create Jupiter/Zeus (Jesus) and invoke his divine ability to “forgive” indefinitely for murder, murder, terror and slavery, which gives us the supposed “blood of Iseus for forgiveness”. Paul was a pagan poet who often quoted Aratus, which were words spoken by Jupiter, which he used to Jezeus.As result, the world is out of balance and heading for destruction because European pagans refused to obey the laws that Yahuda did not abolish but fulfill. Thank you for this amazing information that attracted me to do your good all my life, all Africans are no longer black from now on. But for years after the man`s creation, they were all black, evil white men murdered them and then took their land. Then they asked the natives to work their land and build their houses.

Then, to add an insult to the violation, they created a tax and forced them to pay for something that already belonged to them. The story of the white self is nothing but evil and if you check these spiritual laws, they have broken them all after stealing a few and calling them 10 commandments. What it feels like to be a worker of Satan Every nationality should know who their ancestors are, where they came from, and what they represented. Do you know, once you discover that knowing the life of yourself is easier to understand, for example, we are not all the same. What if the African peoples did what the Europeans did, enslaved the Europeans and had world domination (owned control of the land, the world economy, and made the laws that govern the United States. I don`t think it would ever have happened that Africans were rich in their own country and lived as they knew best! The Europeans did what they did, and that`s what makes Africans different, they respected life and preserved it, so the next time someone exclaims how differently we think about it! Maat is the divine balance of verse U-N-I, the present past and the future, if we do not recognize and live Maat, then we cannot complain about how the Tings are Although I am not African, I am a mixed native, Hispanic, American. In search of man`s roots and the initial transfer of the Ma`at way to the present state, from which the worlds believe in the systems and tendencies of life. I can see the chaos that was created, the Northern Indo-Europeans who stole and manipulated knowledge.

Used it only to kill and enforce indigenous peoples around the world who had a virtually common belief system in a misinterpreted and less developed being, without exterminating those who would not conform to it. So take not only the truths of Africa, but also the truths of the world. Now the world is sitting in a deaf, ignorant, doomed state. I was so happy to see these comments and find the Ma`at way because that`s the real way of life. Although I may not be able to fully comply with the 42 laws, I can spread knowledge and hope one day to be accepted into the Kemet way of life. A path for all of Africa and the world. Such harmony with the universe and all that it contains can only cause a positive evolution. And the change and destruction of this truth The Ma`at truth only serves to hinder the true architects and leaders of humanity for the use of a single group that is the minority in the world, and it is only because of their violence that they have made it their false majority image and their false images of our ancestors.

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