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24 Hour Legal Advice Nsw

Short answer – anyone who has a legal problem. Go to Court Lawyers runs a legal hotline at 1300 636 846 where you can speak directly to a lawyer from 7am to midnight, 7 days a week. You can call this number from anywhere in Australia and speak to a lawyer immediately. If you prefer, you can request a reminder via the form on this page above, and one of our lawyers will call you at a time that suits you. The lawyer you are talking to will evaluate your case and recommend the best course of action available to you. This may include an in-person meeting with a lawyer in your area that can be arranged for you in minutes. The Legal Helpline for Children Under 18 provides legal advice and information to young people under 18 and operates on weekdays from 9 to midnight with a 24-hour service from Friday 9 to Sunday midnight and also on public holidays. There are forty municipal law centres in New South Wales. Community law centers can help with a number of issues, including family law, domestic violence, debts, fines, rentals, discrimination, credit, insurance, Centrelink and more. Our general advice is that people should not conduct police interrogations or make statements until they have spoken to an experienced criminal lawyer in Sydney. Check out the Australian Pro Bono Centre`s guide to finding legal aid in New South Wales. This includes free legal services as well as ways to contact private law firms. Legal Aid NSW is headquartered in Sydney (Sydney Central) and has 24 offices in NSW`s major cities and regions.

Our opening hours are from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm for Sydney (Sydney central) and from 9 am to 5 pm for all other offices. In a list of our offices, you will find the contact details. Answer a few short questions about our online directory app to find the most suitable community legal centre in New South Wales that can help you with a legal problem. LawAccess NSW is the best starting point to solve a legal problem in New South Wales. It is a free government telephone service that provides legal information, advice and recommendations to people who have a legal problem in New South Wales. Before becoming a client, advice is only of the nature of a general comment and does not lead to a relationship between the lawyer and the client. However, once you have signed a client contract or met other legal requirements, the advice you receive is more formal and is provided as part of your contract with your lawyer. Legal Aid NSW is a legal department of the nsw government that deals with family law, criminal cases and certain civil law matters.

They provide free legal advice as well as legal representation and legal aid to pay for a legal aid lawyer or a private lawyer. Whether a person can receive legal aid depends on the type of legal problem they have and their income. LawAccess NSW staff can help staff find out if legal aid is available and help them complete the NSW legal aid application form over the phone. This is because the police are not legally allowed to arrest a person for questioning or investigating. If a person has been arrested, it usually means that the police intend to charge the person with a crime, and the police will, regardless of whether the person conducts an interview or not. We fight for our clients, regardless of their size, and we guarantee that our 24-hour criminal defense attorneys will give you the effort and attention your case needs, no matter the time or day. Your call will be answered by an experienced and specialist criminal defence lawyer in Sydney who can help you verbally by phone or, if necessary and possible, may be present at a police station or prison in the Greater Sydney area. It is important to us that you have access to exceptional legal representation in each of the above cases and that you receive fair and equitable treatment in the eyes of the law.

Going to Court Lawyers not only provides legal advice to our clients, but we are also experienced court lawyers. A court lawyer is a specialized lawyer who knows not only the law applicable to your case, but also the procedures and processes of the court system and how to present your case to the court to give you the best chance of success. Whether it`s legal advice, court representation or both, our lawyers will provide you with the knowledge and support you need to achieve the best possible outcome in court. At Australian Criminal and Family Lawyers, we understand that people sometimes need a criminal defence lawyer outside of normal business hours. Legaladvice.com.au is an independent organisation set up to help all residents and businesses in New South Wales obtain legal assistance and support from qualified lawyers in relation to their legal affairs and legal matters.

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