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Age Legal Retraite Ne En 1974

People with a permanent disability of at least 50% can retire at the age of 62 without benefiting from a reduction (even if their pension is calculated in proportion to the number of quarters validated). This is the legal minimum retirement age for active members of your generation. With the 2010 pension reform, this age for workers born since July 1951 was gradually raised from 60 to 62. Retirement with a full basic pension and a supplementary pension without minorities depends on two parameters: age and the number of quarters paid. In fact, the pension quarter is the unit for calculating the duration of insurance in most pension plans. The 2010 pension reform redefined the minimum age of departure. In the private sector, it has increased from 60 to 62 years for employees who have sufficiently evaluated. Those who have not completed the pension contribution years for the full La rate will receive a postponement of their retirement age (until the required quarterly period is reached). This new system, which will come into effect between 2022 and 2025, will not affect all employees within the same timeframe.

The French, born before 1975, will not be “affected” by the pension reform, and the 2004 generation, the one “who will be 18 years old in 2022”, will be “the first to integrate the universal system”, said the Prime Minister. Here`s how it will be for you, depending on your year of birth. Please note that the following information only applies to persons who are dependent on the general scheme and not those who are dependent on the special schemes. Why retire at age 64? Whether or not you have all your quarters, take stock of the conditions and the impact of this choice on your pension. If you apply for your pension from the age of 62, you must have a minimum insurance period to receive it at the full rate. If the retirement procedure has not been followed, the termination of the employment contract is qualified as dismissal. It is therefore this procedure that applies, with the payment of the corresponding compensation. The forms©follow one another and the regulatory©©framework©has evolved regularly. In this changing context, your retirement age depends mainly on 2 parameters: the minimum age©©and the number of quarters counted©.

© In this article, I will reveal all the secrets about retirement quarters that we can never repeat enough to make them essential and essential to the calculation of your pensions and all your pensions. Below you will find a summary of the conditions under which you can retire, taking into account the elements you entered during your simulation on the Dispofi.fr: minimum age, “full rate” retirement age, calculation of your basic pension, discount, supplement, increases, supplementary pensions. The minimum retirement age is 62. If you retire as an adult, your old-age pension is automatically calculated at the full rate (50% according to the general scheme), regardless of your period of insurance. This does not mean that you will receive your pension in full. If you do not have the number of sufficient quarters, this will not prevent you from applying for payment of your pension at the required age. But its amount is reduced by applying a reduction. Which is logical, since in principle you will perceive it longer. Conversely, even if you count the required insurance period before the age of 62, you cannot claim a pension until you reach that age, except in special situations where you can benefit from one of the early retirement schemes.

The age at which you can apply for your pension depends on your date of birth. It is now set at 62 years for all insured persons born from 1955 onwards, and at a lower age for previous generations.

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