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Apria Healthcare Legal Department

Apria Healthcare LLC customers had problems with the company`s agents they hung up or were indifferent to their problems. Other times, customers complained that they had to deal with multiple agents after being transferred to different departments. Most of the time, customers simply remained unresolved with their problems. Xakia is a cost-effective and easy-to-implement legal business management software for in-house legal teams of all sizes. It centralizes the mat. We not only file your legal claims with Apria Healthcare LLC, but we also negotiate with the company. If your claim is not resolved by these negotiations, we will go through the legal process outlined in your Apria Healthcare LLC contract, which is usually arbitration. The healthcare facility offers medical devices, including sleep apnea treatment, enteral nutrition, oxygen therapy, inhalation therapies, home respiratory services, and negative pressure wound treatment. Apria Healthcare LLC also provides wound care, diabetes treatment, clinical trials, etc. Apria Healthcare`s mission is to improve the quality of life of our patients at home. We are looking for empathetic, thoughtful and compassionate people to meet the needs of our patients. We are already a leader in the healthcare services industry, providing home ventilation services and selecting medical devices to help our patients sleep better, breathe better, heal faster and thrive longer.

Help us make legal wages more transparent. Get exclusive access to anonymized legal salary data. This Legal Operations Specialist is responsible for assisting in the implementation of Apria`s legal program and assisting the legal team by creating and/or managing organizational and operational processes to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the team, managing claims and litigation, including managing legal acts, reviewing invoices from external lawyers, and assisting with claims and litigation management. general legal operations. This legal operations specialist will work closely with in-house legal counsel and will have direct contact with business partners in the areas of human resources, clinical compliance, operations and logistics, as well as external consultants. The role requires an organized, detail-oriented and highly effective person with great interpersonal, technological and problem-solving skills who can function effectively in a rapidly changing environment, prioritize tasks and communicate effectively and professionally both orally and in writing. Patrick J. Hegarty, DCIS Special Agent, said: “The Defence Criminal Investigation Service (DCIS) is committed to protecting the integrity of TRICARE, the healthcare system for military personnel and their families. Burdening TRICARE for DME, which was not necessary, betrays the public`s trust.

This settlement demonstrates our partnership with HHS-OIG, OPM-OIG and the U.S. Attorney`s Office to investigate fraudulent schemes that affect TRICARE and compromise its beneficiaries. My doctor asked for services with them for oxygen therapy at home. When the order was received, it was wrong. The delivery man told us that they would not give anyone a portable device and that I would have to wait several months to get one. I was so troubled to hear what they were doing. contacted my doctor. Dr, changed the order and then asked what he needed.

They replied that all they needed was the new prescription. If in fact the Dr. the amount of oxygen was the same, what change was needed to make it a portable device so that I could continue my daily activities. When they receive the prescription, they say that the Dr. has not completed the order, I ask what was missing, they do not say anything if they are turned on for 10 days. They asked what had already been provided. My Dr. has been practicing for 35 years, he knows what his patient needs. Sfter eventually declined the order 12 times. (Proof in hand if necessary) They say the order was waiting for DR information when they finally said we got it again, it has already been provided to them. Then, after 15 days of waiting, they say sorry, but we didn`t get this stuck for a long time and is late. They have the product that we asked for new and say they are wrong, why do they keep asking my dr to correct it when they know they didn`t have it.

Here`s the lie that they don`t have it, but it wasn`t true. I then call another city and they say they have a lot more than that and they sell this device, which is clearer that they refused to give me the right product that would serve me better. You hand over the phone so many times that a lost account is lost. In addition, they did not provide me with what it was that it was an invoice to the insurance, I have every right to ask for this only at QC insyrance, was not obr fresh and for things they did not provide. They don`t seem to follow the regulations and understanding of who they are. Very worrying there are more, but this shoul tell you that this is a real case with several injuries apria have and not one should be treated like this, In conclusion I remained without solution and I am afraid to talk to the Botton line, they did nothing to get this so that they should agree for it, what they have distorted, deception, false advertising or false promises and spiritual information, inappropriate requests from Dr. Assuming that the old ecymmnent not in good condition, including very dirty and which is supposed to be medical equipment, is crazy As claimed in more detail, Apria performed two other types of inappropriate practices to get more NIV orders and higher profits. First, Apria improperly charged federal health programs for certain NIV rentals used in a setting called PAC mode to offer two-tier pressure support therapy, which was available from a less expensive device called RAD APPV and was not eligible for reimbursement at the NIV rate. Second, Apria illegally waived the co-payments of a number of Medicare and TRICARE beneficiaries to get them to rent NIVs. For example, Apria employees offered to waive co-payments to convince patients to rent NIVs from Apria instead of competitors. In addition, Apria had also waived quotas without the necessary individual assessment of financial needs.

As a result of these three widespread inappropriate practices, Apria filed thousands of false applications with federal health programs for NIV rentals and fraudulently received millions of dollars in reimbursements. If Apria Healthcare LLC has violated the law, you may be entitled to damages and Apria Healthcare LLC will pay our fees and expenses. They don`t owe us a penny for our services. In addition, some of our clients also benefit from debt relief and adjusted credit reports. You have nothing to lose! Call us today at 312-300-5996 for a free consultation. Many apria Healthcare LLC Corporation customers are not satisfied with their service and the Better Business Bureau lists 943 customer complaints against the company in the past three years, including complaints about billing and collection practices, issues with a service/product, advertising, and sales, among others. According to other plaintiffs, Apria Healthcare LLC also sold devices at high prices, sometimes reaching 4 times the original price or more. The company also reportedly refused to reimburse patients and customers who paid too much for the services and products they used. As part of the colonization, which took place on the 18th. Approved by U.S.

District Judge Edgardo Ramos, Apria agreed to pay a total of $40.5 million, including $37,632,789.89 paid to the United States and the remaining amount to various states.

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