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Are 4D Plates Legal in Northern Ireland

The 4D characters on your plate must also be in the Charles Wright font to meet the standard. To do this, 4D laser cut license plates are created using professional equipment that offers a sophisticated laser cutting standard that exactly matches the Charles Wright font used as standard on British license plates. If your license plates have been approved for road traffic at the time of purchase, they are still legal, provided they display the BSAU code 145d on the license plate itself. First, there were no changes to 4D license plates (or 3D Reg license plates). The amendments made by the DVLA are as follows and apply to licence plates issued from 1 onwards. September 2021: The letters and numbers used on UK Reg licence plates must be black and displayed on a white background for front licence plates or a yellow background for rear licence plates. There must be no background patterns and they must be marked with the details of the license plate supplier. We receive these questions on a daily basis and understand your concern about the legal aspects regarding your panels and the future of the custom plate industry. Vehicle licence plate laws in Ireland are very specific and licence plates must meet a certain standard for them to be considered “road approved” by law. In addition, new license plates can now only be labeled in black.

If you choose to buy your new license plates from us online at New Reg, you can avoid the unnecessary stress of knowing if your license plates match the code. Our professional service ensures that all license plates you purchase comply with regulations. This means you don`t have to worry about whether your registration will result in a TÜV test failure or fines of up to £1,000 if you are stopped by the authorities on the road. Take advantage of our many years of experience buying and selling recordings and shop with peace of mind, with your plates. It is very important that these 4D license plates meet the above specifications and are made from the right materials. If you don`t, you risk being fined up to £1000 and your private 4D license plates have been taken away by the police. It is therefore imperative to always use a registered dealer when buying 4D license plates and avoid unsavory sellers who could sell you illegal 4D license plates and get you into trouble with the law. They look smart and give all license plates a good touch. Because of some of the legal complications that can arise from 4D license plates, it is always best to buy them from a well-known and reliable supplier. They also take into account the strength of your license plate during your TÜV.

So it`s safe to say that sticker-style license plates don`t pass a TÜV. Given that our sister company Jepson and Co is the largest manufacturer of physical license plates in the country, you may not be surprised that to buy a set of legal 4D license plates on the street, you should visit them. The short answer is YES. 3D plates and 4D plates are still legal. You can breathe a sigh of relief. Currently, signs on a license plate can be 3D if: No, the law states that legal British license plates can only use Black characters by Charles Wright. These increasingly common plates have a raised lettering that stands out more strongly from the background of the plate. However, despite their popularity, more and more incidents have been reported where police have stopped vehicles with this type of license plate, especially on social media. This has led drivers to wonder what the rules are for a gray area that appears at first glance. The new license plate revisions have been made to reflect the changes to our roads. License plates must be printed on reflective material.

4D license plates have recently been introduced into British vehicles. The main difference between 4D license plates and 3D license plates, which you may have seen in the past, is that 3D plates do not have high characters, but are two-colored. These two-tone digits will no longer be allowed on UK licence plates from September 2021 due to the DVLA`s stricter definitions of black and the need to have a clear distinction between numeric and retro-reflective NIR values. This is to help ANPR cameras record your Reg. This change is due to the switch to a new British standard (BS145e), which will also come into force from September 2021. This makes your license plate 100% legitimate and roadworthy without you having to make a second-hand purchase elsewhere. We check all our stocks and source directly from the DVLA. While 3D plates have slightly increased numbers and letters, the 4D alternative offers laser-cut acrylic numbers and letters connected to the plate.

Innovative 4D plates can be found with a variety of different surfaces for further customization. These finishes can add extra shine or icing, creating license plates with a more luxurious look. However, if you purchase license plates through National Numbers, we offer you the option to add physical license plates to your order and do all the paperwork. These 4D license plates will be sent to you directly or to another address if it is a gift. The difference between 3D and 4D license plates is that 3D plates appear elevated, while 4D plates are actually raised. 3D license plates are made of gel polyurethane resin, while 4D license plates are made of acrylic which is cut with a laser. The RULES and license plate regulations have changed over the past year – with a number of new technical standards in effect since September 2021. The 4D license plate selection option can be added to your order as you browse the selected license plate payment page. This change excludes two-tone license plates, which typically use different hues to create a 3D or 4D effect, which have now been banned. These 4D panels are made from 3mm acrylic characters presented in the required black Charles Wright font and firmly adhere to high-quality acrylic sheets with a strong adhesive.

Given that the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) has stated that license plates can be 3D, as long as they comply with the laws that govern them, is the same true for 4D license plates? The short answer is yes, but only if these 4D license plates meet the standards that apply to other registrations via the DVLA. These legally enforced rules and regulations are covered here and cover the width of the characters, spacing, size, and materials used. The components used to manufacture the license plates must comply with BSAU 145d or BSAU 145e (September 2021). Would you like any of these options with 4D license plates? Therefore, the advice to the driver is to stay on the safe side and stick to traditional 2D license plates. Engine experts also cite that new license plates must also include the company name and postal code of the supplier, as well as the name of the license plate manufacturer, to comply with the new BS AU 145e standard. Whether you`re looking for undated license plates and license plates from Northern Ireland or new license plates, Absolute Reg offers over 50 million license numbers to choose from. If you`re considering getting 4D license plates for your new private license, you may be wondering if you`ll be arrested by the police for violating the DVLA`s rules on license plates. Sticker-style license plates often fail in their TÜV for two reasons. One of the attractions of 4D license plates compared to alternatives like 3D license plates is that they have a more modern and contemporary look. In addition, they have an eye-catching design and quickly become a focal point in any vehicle. You may have recently seen a new style of license plates on UK roads with raised signs – these are called 4D license plates. In 2021, a number of unfounded concerns about the continued legality of 3D and 4D plates gained ground when the DVLA revised its rules.

The custom plate industry received a lot of questions about what the changes meant. Image source: Ross Hollis in perfectlyprintedplates.com Another problem with so-called “4D” plates is that the panels are not always integrated into the license plate structure and are instead glued with glue. This means that they can actually fall over time, leaving the driver with an incomplete and therefore illegal plate. All that is provided in this article is our own condensed overview based on the public legal information presented in the Irish Law Book under Articles: 4D licence plates are completely legal, provided they follow the dvLA rules for British Standards fonts, spacing, colours and marks, just like other types of UK licence plates. So we`ve all seen the video of the police officer talking about 3D/4D plate laws in 2021. Some license plates are banned every year because they are too coarse – here is the latest list of prohibited license plates. You can`t use non-standard fonts or different colored backgrounds in your license plates, but you can use 3D (raised) characters. You can also display certain symbols or flags to the left of your registration marks. All license plates must be marked by the supplier who provided them.

Newly registered license plates must now display the name and postal code of the supplier, the code BS AU 145e and the name of the manufacturer of the license plate. Recently, rumors have been circulating that 4D license plates are now illegal.

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