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King of Avalon University Upgrade Requirements

Sawmill: The sawmill building is used for the production and storage of wood. Wood is an important resource for building upgrades, but you won`t need much of it once all upgrades are complete. Build at least 5 sawmills to the final phase. You can reduce this number after you perform all upgrades. The storage capacity is occupied every 10 hours. These are all the requirements you need to fulfill to upgrade the fortress. You must reach the minimum levels for each aspect to advance to the next level. Once you have the necessary elements, you can easily improve your base. So scroll down and find out how you can upgrade the King of Avalon fortress. Here is the list of rewards you can get once you upgrade the King of Avalon fortress. The King of Avalon buildings can be divided into four basic categories: resource, troop, alliance, and others.

Before we begin, we remind you that any level 40 building can be upgraded. The data you see in the following tables was created based on Level 40 buildings. Keep in mind that each building or upgrade is connected to a different building. For example, to build an iron mine, your fortress must be level 10. Or, to upgrade your fortress to level 9, you must have a university level 7. Farm: The farm building is used for food production and storage. Food is one of the most important sources for your city and your army. In the final phase, you will need about 35,000 feeds per day, so we recommend building at least 5 farms and improving them all.

The storage capacity is occupied every 10 hours. University: In this building, you can explore buffs that increase your production and collection speed and are useful on the battlefield. Always make sure the search is ongoing and seek help from alliance members if necessary to reduce the speed of the search. Upgrading the building gives you access to advanced search options. Wall: This building protects your city from enemy attacks. The more you improve it, the more defense points you get. The fortress is an important feature in King Of Avalon. It serves as the basis for a single player.

This means that this is the main basis of the operation. In this area you can construct various buildings and other structures. All this will help you to increase your level in the game. So scroll down and find out how you can upgrade the fortress in the game. Iron mine: The iron mine is used for the production and storage of iron. Iron is an important resource that you`ll need to build upgrades after your fortress passes level 10. It is recommended to create at least three. You can increase this number once your iron requirement has been reduced.

Silver mine: The silver mine is used for the production and storage of silver. Money is one of the rarest sources of gambling. It is used to upgrade high-ranking buildings, and you always feel the lack of it. Therefore, we recommend building at least 5 silver mines and increasing this number if necessary. Here`s everything you need to know about King Of Avalon Stronghold upgrade requirements. At Games Adda, we cover the latest versions. So, if you want to know more about your favorite games, take a look at our games section. “Lord Power” is the most important on this list. The power of a kingdom is determined by the power of the masters who govern it. The most important thing that increases this power is the LP (Lord Power) points that you get by constructing and upgrading buildings.

Check out the screenshot below: We have a total of 176,651 Lord Power, of which 122,982 points come from buildings. In this guide, we`ll also list the number of LP points that each building gives. Building buildings is important because they provide everything you need to manage and develop your kingdom. By constructing buildings, you get: Now that you know more about King of Avalon`s buildings: It`s time to expand your kingdom by building them all. All of these build and upgrade processes require the use of a large number of resources, so we recommend checking out our resource guide. Remember, if you want to conquer, you must first found a strong city! You can spend time on the King of Avalon world map, but remember that you have a city to take care of. Even if you are only interested in battles, your city needs to grow in a healthy way and have all the buildings you need to progress. This is the only way to get a healthy flow of resources into your military. We must therefore learn to build before learning to conquer! In this guide, you`ll find everything you`ll wonder about King of Avalon`s buildings and the benefits they offer you. Take your shovel and start digging: we have a lot to do. Warehouse: The most important feature of this building is the protection of the resources stored there from enemy raids.

Even if your city is attacked, you can start over with the resources of that building. One will last until the final phase, but will build at least one more after your fortress reaches level 15. This category includes barracks, stables, firing range, siege shop, trap factory, military tent and hospital. We will not repeat them here, as we have given detailed information about these buildings in our combat guide. The following table shows the feeding points for all troop buildings. Hall of War: You will use this building to attack your enemies with members of your alliance. So, if you want to launch a PvE or PvP attack against a powerful enemy, you will need the Hall of War building to attack that target with your alliance members. Embassy: The embassy building is important in many ways. First, it allows you to get more help from other alliance members. Plus, it increases the amount of help you can ask for each day. If you are a member of an alliance, this must be the first building you need to build. The university is your centre of learning.

Upgrade to unlock more powerful search skills. You only need to build one of each building in this category. Blacksmith: You can craft a variety of equipment in the forge building and give it to your master. By modernizing the building, you can improve the quality of the items you produce and reduce the speed of production. These items allow you to acquire a variety of buffs on the battlefield and in the city, so we recommend that you pay attention to this building. Fortress: The fortress is of course your most important building. Many other buildings are attached to the fortress, as you can see in the tables above. By upgrading this building, you can both unlock new buildings and increase your walking ability. Trading Positions: You can trade resources with other Alliance members using the trading station.

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