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Plaintiff Legal Synonym

Nglish: Plaintiffs` translation for Spanish speakers The plaintiff alleges that the defendant is trying to prove this accusation to be false. You`ve seen this relationship on TV shows through lawyers, or maybe you`ve been to court yourself. The Old French root means “to complain” and the Latin root is literally “beat the breast” or explains your grief in a dramatic way. The applicant shares roots with the adjective plaintive, which describes a sad sound. The plaintiff screamed plaintiff when the defendant was found not guilty. This is not a rape case, it is outright blackmail by a complainant who does not want anyone to be testified because every witness in the case will shred the complainant`s story. No one disputes that the applicant`s situation was unfortunate. If this were a case where someone was known to have a rich sex life, there would be an argument that (the applicant) was also negligent when he did not insist on protection, or took the risk of contracting a sexually transmitted disease. If you have no basis for argument, you are abusing the plaintiff.

I think it saved taxpayers money and probably put more money in the applicant`s pocket. In a courtroom, the applicant is the person or group who accuses another person or group of wrongdoing. If you are the plaintiff, you claim that a law has been broken and you are in court to present your case. A party bringing a civil action against a defendant; Accuser.

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