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Pool Table Whitewash Rules

During the break or after the break, when the movement is finished, but the table remains open: If a player pockets an object ball while committing a foul, the table is always open. The next player can choose a color. He or she receives two visits and can play both colors of the object balls WITHOUT NOTICE. If a player scores with chalk or other material or in any other way on any part of the table, it is not a foul in the first place. However, the referee removes the “visual sign” and warns the player. The player is in control as soon as the break is made or when the opponent has moved away from the table (10 seconds after the balls of the previous shot have stopped). Before the match, the referee checks that there are no “visual marks” on the table. IBSF: International Billiards and Snooker Federation.IE: inside English.iggy: an ignorant gambler.illegal: implying a “foul”. Illegal marking: The use of chalk, powder, moisture or other means to mark a stain on the tablecloth or rails as an aid to sighting. This is not allowed.

Immediate roll impact height: as “natural roll impact height”. Impact height: The height of the portion of the rail cushion that touches a bouncing ball. Impact line: The imaginary line through the CB and Ob is centered on the impact (i.e. the line passing through the centers of the phantom ball and OB). The OB moves along this line after impact (unless there is a throw). Point of impact: the point of contact between CB and OB during impact. Cheater: someone who looks, behaves, and dresses like a player, but can`t really play well.in Alcatraz: like “in prison.” In and safe: A special safety move in the 8-ball game where you declare “safety” before shooting and give control of the table back to your opponent after your shot, even if you legally pocket one of your OBs. The CB gives the OB a natural rotation (running) induced by the cut.inside english (IE): lateral pin created by hitting the CB on the side towards the shot (i.e. inside the CB).

For example, if the BC hits an obstetrician on the left and produces a cut shot to the right, the pin on the right side is called “inside English”. Insurance: Like “gapper”. Insurance ball: A ball that is easy to plug in (such as a ball in the jaws of a bag) that you leave intact until you need it to get you out of trouble (e.g., if you create a bad position after a shot or hit a breakaway shot). Installer: A person who assembles and installs a pool table. Instant replay: Using video to check the previous plan to determine if a call (foul vs.

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