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Top 10 Richest People Of Pakistan

top 5 richest people

Bloomberg is now 74 years old and one of the richest people in the world. Koch made this year’s list of the richest people, and with an impressive net worth of $46.2 billion. Their net worth is arrived at based on the latest stock prices of their respective companies that are listed on stock exchanges and exchange rates as of 2022. Ranked #97, Aliko Dangote is Africa’s richest person and controls Dangote Industries, a closely held conglomerate. The Lagos, Nigeria-based company owns sub-Saharan Africa’s biggest cement producer, Dangote Cement, which had revenue of 891.7 billion Naira ($2.5 billion) in 2019. It also has interests in sugar, salt, oil, fertiliser and packaged food. One of the richest women in the world — and the richest on this list — Bettencourt Meyers, together with her family, owns 33% of the cosmetics company L’Oreal.

top 5 richest people

Gautam Adani is now a close second with a $74.8 billion fortune, only $17.9 billion shy of Ambani. The financial global media top 5 richest people company used stock prices and exchange rates from March 11 to determine the net worth of the wealthiest individuals.

Bounced: Julia Koch & Family U S

To this day, Wealthy Gorilla has become one of the fastest growing self-development sites in the world; with over 160 million views worldwide, and more than 200,000 followers on social media. Dan’s mission is simply, to inspire others to live their dreams and be the person to whom they say; “Because of you, I never gave up.” Gates’ net worth has been pretty stagnant since he reached the $100 billion mark. He’s now dropped another place to be the 3rd richest man in the world. Francoise Bettencourt Meyers became the reigning L’Oreal heiress when her mother, Liliane Bettencourt, passed away in 2017. She now runs the holding company as chairwoman, with her family owning 33% of L’Oreal. Jim Walton is the son of Sam Walton, the founder of the world’s largest retail chain, ‘Walmart.’ He is on the Walmart board of directors and CEO of his own company, Arvest Bank.

He became famous as after he married to Benazir Bhutto in 1987. Some of the richest people in the world were college dropouts or even high school dropouts. Forbes has released its 40th annual list of the 400 wealthiest people in the world, and the majority are Americans. Last week, the benchmark tech-heavy Nasdaq Composite fell about 8% on the back of several concerns including rising interest rates and inflation. Of those women, 101 are “self-made” billionaires, meaning they started a company or established their own fortune, as opposed to inheriting it in some way, as defined by Forbes.

Bernard Arnault

In the 25th annual Forbes list of global billionaires, Slim added $20.5 billion to his fortune, the most of anyone, and retained his number one ranking with a total fortune of $74 billion. Gates remained in second place with $56 billion, while Warren Buffett was third with $50 billion.

top 5 richest people

As of 2022, Michael Dell’s net worth is estimated to be $52.4 billion. As of 2022, David Thomson’s net worth is estimated to be $51.6 billion. As of 2022, Francois Pinault’s net worth is estimated to be $51.1 billion. As of 2022, Julia Koch’s net worth is estimated to be $46.2 billion. As of 2022, Daniel Gilbert’s net worth is estimated to be $38.3 billion. Steve Ballmer is a businessman and investor with a net worth of $97.4 billion.

Bill Gates Net Worth

Keep reading below to view a complete summary of the richest people in 2021. He is chairman and CEO of the multinational holding company, “Berkshire Hathaway” which is the proud owner of more than 60 companies. Geico insurance, Duracell, Dairy Queen Restaurant are some of his famous companies where his company holds major shareholding. As per the Bloomberg Billionaire’s Index, Aliko Dangote is the wealthiest person in Africa with a net worth of $19.2 billion, up from $19.1 billion the previous year. As of 6 April 2022, with a net worth of roughly $276 billion, Elon Musk is the richest person in… 64, of Reliance Industries was up $20 billion to $103 billion, retaining his title of the richest person in India and Asia. Depending on the details of the divorce settlement, Melinda Gates may soon rise to the ranks of the richest people in the world.

  • It also has interests in sugar, salt, oil, fertiliser and packaged food.
  • Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg rounds out the top-5 list, with a net worth of $71 billion.
  • Unlike growth funds, value funds tend to outperform when interest rates are rising.
  • Dan’s mission is simply, to inspire others to live their dreams and be the person to whom they say; “Because of you, I never gave up.”
  • Gates founded Microsoft in 1975 with Paul Allen and has since become the largest PC software company worldwide.
  • 46 of the billionaires in this list were under the age of 40.

While people on more modest incomes have also seen their assets rise in value during the pandemic, Oxfam said the 10 richest men own six times as much wealth as the bottom 40% (3.1 billion people). It would take the 10 billionaires 414 years to spend their combined wealth at a rate of a million dollars each per day, the charity added. As of 2022, Phil Knight’s net worth is estimated to be $61.3 billion, making him the 20th richest person globally.

Musk has not been far from the headlines throughout the year, most recently over Ukraine, committing to keep Space X’s Starlink satellite broadband services active. Slim narrowly eclipsed Gates to top the billionaire list for the first time. Slim saw his estimated worth surge $18.5 billion to $53.5 billion as shares of America Movil rose 35 percent. Gates’ estimated wealth rose $13 billion to $53 billion, placing him second. Christy Walton was the highest-ranking woman, placing 12th overall, with an inherited fortune of $22.5 billion. At age 25, Mark Zuckerberg continued to be the world’s youngest self-made billionaire.

Larry Ellison U S

“I realize this is not the most opportune time,” the near-certain Hall of Famer said. The Microsoft cofounder Bill Gates has seen a $9.5 billion drop in his net worth since January 1, per the Bloomberg index, while the Google cofounder Larry Page’s net worth has decreased by $12 billion. Rounding out the losses is Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, whose net worth has also dropped by about $12 billion this year. The U.S. has the most female billionaires , followed by China and Germany . Meanwhile, investors withdrew $1.9 billion from technology sector funds in February, the highest out of any sector category.

He is co-founder of the world’s largest Multinational software company Microsoft. Elon Musk holds a 23% stake in Tesla, an electric car company that he co-founded in the year 2003, that contributes more than 67% of his net worth according to Forbes. The rest of his net worth is linked to the fortunes of rocket company https://www.bookstime.com/ SpaceX which is valued at $100 billion. SpaceX, founded in 2002, is the world’s second most valuable private company. Due to these factors, the number of billionaires compiled by Forbes in its 35th annual list of the world’s wealthiest jumped to a record 2,755 which is approximately 30% more compared to last year.

Sergey Brin is co-founder and board member of Alphabet Inc, at sixth position in the list of the world’s richest people with a net worth of $116.5 billion. Larry Page, Board member of Alphabet Inc, the Parent company of Google is the world’s fifth-richest person with an estimated net worth of $121 billion as of 2022. The Awuah-Darko Family made the majority of their fortune from the Vanguard insurance company, making them the 10th richest person in Ghana with an estimated net worth of $650 million. His other assets include 6% of the sportswear company Adidas and a stake in LafargeHolcim, the world’s biggest cement maker. As many as five Africans feature in the Bloomberg Billionaires Index 2021 of the world’s 500 wealthiest people.

Interestingly, it has been the loss of wealth by others rather than an increase in his own net worth that catapulted Buffett back into fifth place. Mark Zuckerberg, who had a net worth of more than $120 billion in January, has seen his fortune plummet by $54 billion as Facebook shares have been pummeled this year.

Top 5 Richest People In Quebec

Eighty-nine women made the list, but only 14 of them were self-made. The combined net worth of the list was $3.6 trillion, up 50 percent from 2009’s $2.4 trillion, while the average net worth was $3.5 billion. The Awuah-Darko Family is jointly the 10th richest people in the list of top richest men and women in Ghana in 2021. The Awuah-Darko Family has an insurance company that Nana Awuah-Darko Ampem founded. Patricia Poku Diaby has made so much money from her plant importation to different countries worldwide, which has helped her rank as the 7th richest person and richest woman in Ghana.

  • 48, of Alphabet shared sixth place, with each of their wealth up $39 billion to $116 billion.
  • Page stepped down as CEO of Alphabet, the parent of Google, in December 2019 but remains a board member and a controlling shareholder.
  • Elon Musk holds a 23% stake in Tesla, an electric car company that he co-founded in the year 2003, that contributes more than 67% of his net worth according to Forbes.
  • Francoise Bettencourt Meyers became the reigning L’Oreal heiress when her mother, Liliane Bettencourt, passed away in 2017.
  • Already a controlling shareholder in the French luxury goods company that owns Louis Vuitton, Arnault recently spent $538 million to further invest in the burgeoning LVMH stock.
  • Between the ‘Big Two’, China and the USA have 55% of the ‘known’ billionaires on the planet.

You can follow CEOWORLD magazine on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or connect on LinkedIn for musings on money, wealth, asset management, millionaires, and billionaires. Charles Koch is a billionaire philanthropist and CEO of Koch Industries. He ranked at No. 18 on the 2020 Forbes billionaires list but fell out of the top 20 in 2021.

As of March 31, 2022, the conglomerate reported total revenue of $5.3 billion. Microsoft Corp. co-founder Bill Gates was fourth, with a calculated net worth of $134 billion. Facebook, Inc. founder Mark Zuckerberg was placed third, with a net worth of $134.5 billion. Telsa, Inc. co-founder and SpaceX (Space Exploration Technologies Corp.) founder Elon Musk came in second, with a net worth of $190.5 billion. MarketWatch reported last week that media mogul Oprah Winfrey was just shy of that amount and former President Donald Trump fell off the Forbes 400 rankings for the first time in 25 years. Notably, the minimum net worth required to make the list was $2.9 billion, up from the previous $2.1 billion cutoff – knocking off 51 billionaires.

The number of women on the list rose to a record 172 in 2014. Approximately 66 percent of the list were self-made, 13 percent achieved their wealth through inheritance alone, and 21 percent through a mixture of the two. Bill Gates was named the richest man in the world by Forbes’ annual list of the world’s billionaires. This was the 16th time that the founder of Microsoft claimed the top spot.

He is at the 8th spot in the list of richest people of Pakistan. Tesla founder and CEO Elon Musk is currently the world’s richest man, with a wealth of more than $200 billion. Following a debut on the world’s centibillionaires’ list on April 2, his total net has increased to $105 billion, compared to Ambani’s $100 billion, according to Bloomberg Billionaires Index. According to the publication, the billionaires’ net worths were calculated using stock prices and exchange rates from Sept. 3, 2021.

These are the core obsessions that drive our newsroom—defining topics of seismic importance to the global economy. To use individual functions (e.g., mark statistics as favourites, set statistic alerts) please log in with your personal account. Analyze the market and your qualifications to negotiate your salary with confidence. In 2015, Zuckerberg and his wife, Priscilla Chan, pledged to give away 99% of their Facebook stake over their lifetimes. His social network has been under scrutiny in recent months and a whistleblower who leaked internal documents to The Wall Street Journal delivered congressional testimony against the tech giant on Tuesday. Quotes displayed in real-time or delayed by at least 15 minutes.

Larry Page

Even after a 99% levy, the top 10 billionaires would be $8bn better off between them than they were before the pandemic, the charity said. Larry Ellison is 8th on this list of the richest people in the world, with a net worth of $116.7 billion.

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