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Work Smart Legal Solutions P/L

The designated legal advisors of the SMART Transportation Division are listed by the state in which they are headquartered. Although there is no designated legal aid office in each state, many of these lawyers are licensed in states outside their home state. Our services include conducting urgent and sensitive workplace investigations that address the legal, professional and personal complexities that arise in the workplace. Drawing on her extensive high-level in-house legal experience, our Director, Ruth Goonan, takes a practical, sensitive and impartial approach to conducting thorough and timely investigations into a wide range of issues – findings and reports that you can understand and rely on. Ruth will also work with you to resolve complaints amicably through facilitated discussions and mediation. What Every Railway Worker Should Know, written by Lawrence Mann, Rail Safety Coordinator at the SMART Transportation Division`s Designated Legal Counsel (DLC), is a comprehensive and comprehensive overview of the Federal Railway Safety Act as it relates to railway workers and is essential reading for TD members concerned about how the law protects them. We pride ourselves on providing effective, urgent and pragmatic advice and results, and finding solutions that you can respond to and implement yourself. At a time when personal and professional demands are increasingly competitive, we come to you to understand your legal challenges and provide you with the right solution! Discover our fixed-price packages that meet your current legal requirements. Rossi Vucinovich P.C. Website: www.railroad-injuries.com 1000 Second Ave., Ste. 1780 Seattle, WA 98104 (425) 646-8003 (866) 357-7245 (800) 325-4014 (425) 646-8004 Email: jvucinovich@rvflegal.com LP members receive six issues of the award-winning Law Practice magazine.

Each issue contains insightful articles and practical advice on marketing/client development, practice management, legal technology, and finance. Any DLC requested for payment or contribution by an officer, employee, employee or member of SMART TD or UTUIA must promptly inform the International President and the SMART TD Coordinator of the designated legal counsel in writing of the details, including the date, time and amount of such request. This is in addition to, and does not replace, any other legal or ethical requirements that may be associated with it. Law Practice Today (LPT) is a monthly digital publication that provides you with the latest industry news and trends by providing anecdotes from lawyers. Our extensive experience in various areas of law allows us to provide consistent services to achieve our clients` objectives. We focus on specific areas of law. This means that you will always receive personal attention from a recognized professional in the practice areas in which we operate, as well as daily legal assistance for your business. Constantly updated tools and resources to advance your practice and the legal profession during COVID-19 and beyond These agents and lawyers work for the railway, not for you. But as a railroad employee, if you get injured on the job, you have powerful rights under the federal law known as the Federal Employers` Liability Act (FELA).

As provided in ABA Model Rule 5.4: “A lawyer or law firm may not share attorneys` fees with a non-lawyer.” Each DLC and its members must be prepared to provide advice on the rights and obligations of union members in the event of a workplace injury under FELA and related laws. A DLC may charge a success fee not exceeding 25% of the no-fee reimbursement for cases involving a TD SMART Member involving a workplace injury under FELA and related legislation. In the event that it is necessary to take legal action in this regard, the DLC may charge a success fee not exceeding 33% without charge. LP integrated media packages are designed to provide a unique opportunity for leading legal providers to connect with LP members. Premium Solutions Provider plans offer incredible value by combining print, digital, digital, email, social media, and PR marketing. The packages will mark your business as a partner for over 16,000 LP members. Work Smart Legal Solutions offers expert, practical and strategic legal solutions in human resources, labour and labour relations tailored to your needs at a pragmatic price. We work with our clients to understand their objectives, protect their interests and help them manage their legal and human resources issues in order to achieve desired objectives and outcomes in a cost-effective manner. The ABA TechReport combines data from the Legal Technology Survey Annual Report with expert analysis, insights and forecasts from leading companies in the field of legal technology. The Legal Technology Resource Center (LTRC) provides ABA members with legal technology resources through various outlets, including a technology blog, publications, monthly webinars, and its comprehensive website. Every year, thousands of railway employees are injured or killed on the job. When this happens, railways retain qualified claims officers and lawyers to protect their interests.

They use their legal knowledge – taking photos, obtaining witness statements, collecting measurements. Any civil, criminal, administrative or judicial complaint, investigation or proceeding initiated by a member of a trade union or government agency against a DLC must be immediately reported to the International President and the SMART TD Coordinator of the designated legal counsel. Our DLCs offer free consultations to TD SMART members. DLCs must immediately notify the SMART Transportation Division President before making any significant changes in the composition of their business (e.g. merger, consolidation, divestiture, etc.). Warshauer Law Group, P.C. Website: www.warlawgroup.com 2740 Bert Adams Road NW Atlanta, GA 30339 (404) 892-4900 (888) 879-7300 (404) 307-4682 Cell (404) 892-1020 Fax Email: mjw@warlawgroup.com All Designated Legal Counsel (DLC) agree to be subject to and to fully comply with the Code of Conduct as a condition of inclusion or retention of any DLC. Each DLC expressly waives in writing, as a condition of becoming or remaining DLC, any remedy in court or tribunal to challenge any action of officers and agents of the SMART Transportation Division related in any way to the DLC Program. Discover the latest events and CLE taking place in the Legal Practice Division.

If a state bar association or other body recommends that a DLC or a member of its cabinet has violated its ethical obligations, or if such violations are determined by a court or other judicial authority, the DLC will promptly notify the International President and the General Counsel. The Youngdahl Law Firm, P.C. Website: www.youngdahl.com 4203 Montrose Blvd., Ste. 280 Houston, TX 77006 (281) 996-0750 (866) 996-0750 (281) 996-0725 Fax: syoungdahl@youngdahl.com Wettermark & Keith, L.L.C. Website: www.wkfirm.com 100 Grandview Pl., Ste. 530 Birmingham, AL 35243 (205) 933-9500 (877) 715-9300 (205) 977-3431 Fax Email: james@wkfirm.com NOTE: All fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required. Blalock & Blalock Website, P.C.: www.blalock.com 1232 Blue Ridge Blvd. P.O. P.O. 26365 Hoover, AL 35226 (205) 823-8088 (800) 433-3352 (888) 304-1852 Fax: mdb@blalock.com Work Smart Legal Solutions Office by appointment 430 William St, Melbourne Melbourne VIC 3000 Mann, who has served as the Rail Safety Coordinator for the DLC since the position was created in 2008, was recognized by his colleagues as “the leading national authority on railway safety legislation and regulations.” Law Office Policies, Procedures, and Operations Manual, Seventh Edition Law Technology Today (LTT) is the Legal Technology Resource Center`s free daily blog that publishes guidance and advice from practicing lawyers, technology experts, and practice management experts in a variety of practice environments and contexts. These lawyers are specialists in handling FELA claims and have extensive experience in dealing with railway claims agents and trained railway lawyers.

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