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Z C H Legal

We provide comprehensive legal services to all clients who do business or intend to do business in the Czech Republic. We work in Czech, German, English and Slovak. Our lawyers are graduates of the best universities and have experience abroad. We feel comfortable working in the Czech, German and Anglo-Saxon corporate culture, and that`s what sets us apart from the crowd. It goes without saying that we provide the highest quality services at all times and on time. In the second half of 2021, we advised our client (a real estate investment fund) on its largest transaction to date and its first acquisition of a retail park in Croatia with a total value of more than €70 million with more than 45 tenants, the majority of which are major European retailers. We helped our client review and assess the potential risks associated with its expansion into Croatia and coordinated legal, tax and advisory teams in the Czech Republic, Austria and Croatia to ensure the entire transaction went smoothly and smoothly. In addition, we have helped our clients to deal with Croatian Corporate Bank. “The company covers all the necessary areas from a business point of view, which allows it to offer a complete service from A to Z, which is very important for us. You don`t need to ask for different specializations as they can cover them all. They can also always advise on international affairs directly or with their international partners. In the very busy and short period before Christmas, we helped our client (a real estate fund) acquire a business park with a total leasable area of 11,923 square meters. The tenants of the retail park are major players in the Czech Republic and major players worldwide (Ahold Group and OBI).

At the same time, we renegotiated the loan agreement with a bank that is financing the project. In addition to the usual questions in such a project, we successfully addressed the issue of the technical condition of the retail park: we helped our client to introduce very interesting provisions in the transaction documents, which significantly improves his position in this area. ZDR Retail Pula Beta d.o.o. and ZDR Retail Pula Omicron d.o.o. Tradition We have been here for you since 2005. Over the years, our team has grown strong with extensive know-how and a stable client portfolio. Thousands of contracts have been signed with our support, hundreds of transactions have been successfully completed, and dozens of court and arbitration proceedings have been successfully completed – our record speaks for itself. “We work mainly with Ctibor`s partner, Mr. Ctibor, who is really professional.

He can give advice thinking he belongs in your place. This is very important for the final decisions that we have to make at the end of the day. » TREI Real Estate Czech Republic, Tengelmann Group It goes without saying that during the maternity/parental leave of one of the women (in the Czech Republic up to 4 years), an individual plan is drawn up for each of the pregnant women. This is determined by the woman herself and of course, it is to be expected that this can change frequently and diametrically depending on the situation. This plan roughly describes whether the mother wants to work part-time during her parental leave, when she plans to return to her job, whether she wants to participate in email correspondence, whether she wants to be kept informed of her references, and more. Our goal is for no woman to suffer, if only because she feels disadvantaged because of her role as a woman or mother. Equally obvious is the possibility of parental leave for fathers, although no father has yet used it. “We have been working with them for a very long time and can confirm their qualities, especially since of course not only their high level of expertise, but also the customer approach combined with great flexibility in cases where it is really necessary.” A partner in our firm, Msgr.

Jana Hladká Zilvarová, has long supported women`s participation in law firms, including in leadership positions. In addition to her work in thematic media projects, she is intensely dedicated to accurately defining the company`s internal processes so that our law firm is as accessible as possible for competent lawyers, regardless of gender. Our mission for the future is to evolve our culture so that we can be a role model for others and help break the glass ceiling and close the wage gap in our own way. You can monitor any changes that take place in the law firms you follow. To track them, click Set up notification. When it comes to gender diversity, we are committed to the idea that the presence of women in a law firm is not only beneficial, but even necessary for success. Depending on their different life experiences, women may have a different perspective on the world, on a particular problem or problem, a different approach to problem solving and dealing with stressful situations, not just in front of a client or in court. In autumn 2020, we supported our client (a real estate fund) in its first expansion into German-speaking countries. The goal was a unique repository of the Salzburg Museum of Modern Art with a rental period of over 40 years outside the beautiful city of Salzburg, Austria. We successfully assisted our client in negotiating the contract and financing documents and oversaw the due diligence process, resulting in a seamless transaction for both parties.

Diversity can be seen in a variety of broad contexts. In our office, we always try to treat differences in the team with respect. We foster the confidence and potential of individual team members and believe that this is the strength that unites us and drives us forward. We successfully support our client (a real estate investment fund) in its further expansion in Central Europe, this time in southwestern Germany, near the German-Swiss border, where our client has acquired a retail park whose tenants are large commercial companies in Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic, Slovakia or Poland. Throughout the acquisition, we managed a variety of tasks ranging from communicating with a German financial bank, to carrying out a complex due diligence process of the target company, to successfully negotiating and signing the purchase agreement, ensuring the proper execution of another important foreign transaction for our client. There is a beautiful saying in Czech: “A chain is only as strong as its weakest link”. We all have our strengths and weaknesses. We build on strengths and try to eliminate weaknesses together. By supporting our differences, we can better harness the potential of each team member and turn it into potential for the customer. We also have a friendly and supportive approach for mothers (parents) of young children. Upon request, we assign them an agenda that does not show great flexibility and associated overtime or weekend work.

However, we try to maintain this attitude for the rest of the team.

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